Saara JahaaN Hamaara - Family Songs
By Pavan Jha & Vinay P Jain

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A N S W E R S - & - R E S U L T S 

You said it..

..thanks for a brilliant quiz (perhaps I say this coz I could more or less crack it!) - Chandrashekhar

...You guys have really put together a great quiz. Congrats. - Sandeep Jindal

...A wonderful idea for a quiz. I thought it was easy, though. Anyway, feels good after failing thoroughly in RJGK-42 recently. I've nothing to complain. Fundu time-pass, bhai! - Sanjeev Kumar

...Well it was a pleasant experience participating in your quiz. It was unique,innovative effort and deserves good appreciation. Congrats to the folks behind it. Good Show! keep it up! - Balaji S.

...First of all, I would like to thank all the people involved in the creation of this site. Thanks a lot. - Kishore Rawat

...the clues were very good (though that made it too easy at times!) - Namrata Verma

...Good Clues. Thou felt that the simple ones had one too many hints while the difficult ones had fewer clues (actually thats what made them difficult) Overall enjoyable quiz. - Samir and Ruchi and Indy

...We did enjoy the quiz. It had a nice mix of old and new songs. - Shanti Punukollu

...Thanks for a really fun and relatively easy quiz. Liked theme; especially since it seemed to lend itself to a very nice and broad selection of songs. Great job, guys! - Ketan Dholakia and Shalini Razdan

...A good quiz all in all, but I thought that some of the recent movies could have been replaced with others. - Pritam Datta

...Excellent job considering is it your first one!! - Neha K. Desai

...When I began I felt - for the most part - I know that song, it will come to me ....and it didn't. - Nischint Bhatnagar

...It was a great quiz. Good choice of songs and well-written clues. - Kalyan

...I'll confess that I groaned at the thought of guessing melodramatic songs, seeing that the theme was Family Songs. Altho' the melodramatic songs were present (woh toh hai albela!! how syrupy can you get??) it wasn't as bad as I'd thought. Also, a nice easy quiz, with fairly popular songs being chosen in almost all cases. - I A Khan

Our turn

Thanks a heap to all RMIMers for their enthusiasm & participation to the quiz. You have been very generous in giving your comments, though at some times the comments accompanied the tag, "considering it's your maiden venture...". But, so what?

Thanks also to Kalyan, who was a great help throughout. Right from the allotment of the quiz and posting (he even posted the quiz for us on Zippo) to the very end pushing us hard for the answers & result post :). Kudos, K!

When we were selecting the songs for the quiz, we were hesitant, to be frank. We selected as many as 40 songs in the beginning and when finding it difficult to remove songs from the list, we referred to the book. "Thou should choose only the popular songs." The selection of subject or theme already gave us tremendous amount of songs to choose from. Still we took a broader perspective to the word "family". Mainly because we wanted to include some songs that could break the monotony (of being melodramatic, sweet, syrupy as Ikram says) generally associated with typical family songs. So we tried to make the treat complete with songs having different flavours within the theme. And to maintain a balance we inserted some new ones as well (5 songs from 90s). In this endeavour, we inevitably made the quiz a bit easier. Or so said some of the participants. Okay, we admit that. But then beware for the next time :)

Thanks once again to the RMIM and RAMLI family and some new members (due to the web version, it seems) for making our maiden hosting an unforgettable experience. With answers & nice-sweet comments pouring in every day during the quiz, we wished it would last forever. But they say, nothing does.

Wish the family grows. Amen!

The Participants

There were 35 teams in all comprising of 49 participants. One entry was non-competitive.

1. Nirmal Balraman, San Diego
2. S. Jagdish, Singapore
3. Anju Bhatnagar
4. Chandrashekhar, Dubai
5. Divya Saxena, Rahul Chaman, Sweta Chaman Saxena from Seattle, WA
6. Chiddu & AL Shriram
7. Sandeep Jindal, Tokyo
8. Balaji S., Chennai
9. Sanjeev Kumar
10. Malini Nagarajan
11. Kishore Rawat, Bangalore
12. Payal Rastogi
13. K K Ramakrishnan
14. Shyamali and Jaydip, Madison, WI
15. Sujit Kumar, Germany
16. Namrata Verma
17. Samir (NJ) and Ruchi and Indy (NC)
18. Shanti Punukollu, Seattle, WA
19. Shalini Singh and Sarita Lall, Sydney, Australia
20. Ketan Dholakia and Shalini Razdan, Washington DC
21. Pritam Datta, Hoff Estates, Chicago, USA
22. Senthil Kumar, K.V.Subramanyam, Kedar Karmarkar
23. Surajit A. Bose, South Bend, IN, USA
24. Vineet Agrawal, Texas, USA
25. Mahesh Chaubal, Vandana Chaubal and Sundar K.
26. Mahadevan Sivaramakrishnan
27. Raghuram R Darapu, Arlington, Texas, USA
28. Neha K. Desai & Vandana Vidwans
29. Nischint Bhatnagar
30. Amol Dighe and Arunabha Roy
31. Shilpa Kulshreshtha, Agra
32. Kolachala Kalyan & Ikram Ahmed Khan
33. Akhilesh Tiwari (non-competitive)
34. Nitin Dharaskar, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
35. Vijay Kumar & Sunil Bhatia

Statistics (we just can't live without them!)

Here are the distributions of the songs..

By Decade :

1950s - 1 song
1960s - 0(oops!)
1970s - 13 songs
1980s - 6 songs
1990s - 5 songs

By MDs :

R. D. Burman - 6
Laxmi-Pyare - 5
Rajesh Roshan - 3
Jatin-Lalit - 2
Jaidev, Khayyam, Hemant Kumar, Ravi, S.D. Burman, Ram Laxman, Anu Malik(are, mat maaro!) & Vishal - 1 each

By Lyricists :

Majrooh - 5
Gulzar - 4
Anand Bakhshi - 4 (popular songs, huh!)
Sahir - 2
Javed Akhtar - 2
Gulshan Bawra - 2
Bankim Chandra, Indeevar, Amit Khanna, R. Sharma, Dev Kohli - 1 each

By Singers :

Kishore - 10 (now that's something famili-ar)
Lata - 8
Rafi - 5
Asha - 4
Mukesh - 2
Mehmood - 2
Amit Kumar - 2
K Sanu - 2
and the long, long one-each-list :
Devaki Pandit, Shailendra Singh, Suresh Wadkar, Hariharan, Kay Kay, Vinod Sehgal, Bhupender, Mahendra Kapoor, Remo, Shweta Shetty, Amitabh B, Hema Malini, Pearl Padamsee, Hemant Kumar, Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathore, Sushma Shreshtha, Sharma Bandhu

The Answers (served with comments interspersed)

1 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 11 - 13 - 15 - 17 - 19 - 21 - 23 - 25
2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 22 - 24

Note : "***" is followed by our comments.

1. We begin this quiz with a song from a superhit film of 70s. This 'Lost and Found' movie was produced by one of the master entertainers of 60-70's who had a flair with music. The youngest of the three seperated-in-the-childhood brothers, who is a stage artist, use to sing this particular song during his stage shows in hope to find his lost brothers one day. During this preclimax version, he finds one of the brothers joining him to complete the song. The remaining one is also present there but does not reveal his identity due to the circumstances.
* Trivia : Debut film of one of the heart-throbs of today

Song : YaadoN ki baaraat niklii hai aaj dil ke dwaare
Film : YaadoN ki Baaraat
P-Stats : Majrooh/ RD/ Kishore, Rafi

*** This was the first song which came to our mind when we decided the theme. Hence the first question.

...Aamir Khan debut-ed as a child star, and to add to your trivia note, he appeared again in a (smaller) role the next year in "Madhosh", as the young Mahendar Sandhu. - Chandrashekhar

...Still don't realise who the heart throbe could be - Sujit Kumar
*** See Chandrashekhar comments for the answer

2. The hero is a born looser. Music is his first love. He is a part of a small music band. He has not been able to clear his exams for last so many Years. Suprisingly this time he clears his exams with more than 90% of marks (thanks to a farzi marksheet). The same day he earns his first money thru music. A matter of Celebration for the happy parents. To celebrate the success, the father organises a party. During the celebration, he comes to know that his son has failed again. The whole mood changes. This climax song sung in a sober mood by the family and the neighbours convincing his father that the son is one in thousands. The father agrees with them in the end.
* Hint : Shahrukh - Juhi starrer

Song : Wo to hai albela, hazaaroN meiN akela
Film : Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na
P-Stats : Majrooh / Jatin-Lalit / Sanu, Devaki Pandit

*** We got most of the remarks for this one. Chandrashekhar predicted that the very first day. The Hint was intended to be a googly and that too in the initial overs... still we are technically correct.

...I imagine you'll get the maximum flak for this one, for saying it was a Juhi starrer - Chandrashekhar

...The hint can be a sucker for some. - Sanjeev Kumar

...Well, Juhi does appear in the end. That was misleading. - Sujit Kumar

...The Hint was misleading because Juhi is not the heroine of the movie - Namrata Verma

...If the movie is right then there is no juhi in it. - Kolachala Kalyan

...Juhi has a brief guest-app at the end of the movie. Nice movie. Nice songs. Even tho' KSanu sings a few... :( - I A Khan

...Purely a filmi occurence... humko jab maar ya daant padti thi to the so called padousiyaan used to enjoy it... damn it ! aur jale par namak chidakne ke liye, the next day they would ask...."kyun kal Daddy bahut gusse mein thay ?!!" - Pritam Datta

...Kumar sanu loses his voice when he sings "bansi Ko Ladki Sada.."which is the first antra!! Whats new! - Mahadevan Sivaramakrishnan
*** "bansi Ko Ladki(?).." Quite romantic chap, Shahrukh's father ;)

...Kumar Sanu gives his voice to just about everybody present in the party ! Are there other incidences where a singer playbacks for so many characters in a single song ?? - Sandeep Jindal
*** There are several infact. Well one such occurence is coming up in the song no. 8 where lata has sung for all three heroines and what beautifully.

3. A family of 3. A professor, his wife and his brother, a student in the same college where the professor teaches. All three celebrate Professor's Birthday with this song.
* Trivia : The song is sung by real father-son team.

Song : Aati raheNgii bahaareN, jaatii raheNgi bahaareN
Film : Kasme-Wade
P-Stats : Gulshan Bawra / RD Burman / Kishore, Asha, Amit K

*** Listen to this song and you will find equal distribution of singing lines between the three singers (how fair RD was:)). Papa Kishore, Beta Amit in perfect coordination. Ofcourse Asha included.

...Later remade in Tamil as Dharmatthin thalaivan - K K Ramakrishnan

...I really like this song. But Dabboo doesn't look like AB Baby's younger brother... - I A Khan

4. A Party song. Two brothers with different shades. Ek Chor Ek Sipahi. The brothers have had a clash just before the party. In this song they are trying to held their emotions in front of their father but eventually the scene heats up. Then the father Shammi Kapoor comes up to avoid the unpleasant scene in the party and joining the song. Trying to make them understand that both of them are like his two arms and they should not quarrel with each other.
* P-Stats : Rafi, Kishore, Shailendra Singh

Song : Ham premii prem karna jaaneN
Film : Parvarish
P-Stats : Indeevar/ Laxmi-Pyare/ Rafi, Kishore, Shailendra Singh

*** A Song with angry emotions and why not when two of the industry's angriest young men are up against each other. This song was unique in the quiz for its mood.

This song resembles the "Zindagi inthehaan lethi hain" song of Naseeb. Isn't it? - Sanjeev Kumar
*** right u r!

5. What happens when Ashok Kumar, a widower & father of 3 children marries with Perl Padamsee (She has featured in one more song in the quiz), also a widow, mother of 3 children. A big Family Merger. A big dhamaal. The merger does not seem to work initially. But as the time passes the things get smoother. This song is sung by the whole family and is about their little needs.

Song : thoD.a hai thoD.e kii zaroorat hai
Film : Khatta Meetha
P-Stats : Gulzar/ Rajesh Roshan/ Kishore, Lata, Chorus

*** Many of you guessed the film right but fouled up with the song by answering "Ye jeena hai angoor ka dana". Just see the last statement in the description for the clarification.

...Preeti Ganguli's fantasy scene of Amitabh's bride is a real hoot. - Chandrashekhar

A must-sing song for 'Tha' in anthaksharis. - Sanjeev Kumar

thoda hain... thode ki... jaroorat hain, zindagi phir bhi yahan khubsoorat hain ( aur us thode ki jaroorat marte dam tak saath nahi chodti.... human nature.... eh! ) - Pritam Datta

6. 7 Junglee brothers. The big brother, (BigB ofcourse) is married to Hema malini - a nurse by profession. The Bhaabhi teaches her 6 unmarried 'devars', how to treat a girl and in turn win her. The song is formed by a series of questions by the devars and answers by Hema.
* P-Stats : Gulshan Bawra/Pancham

Song : Jhuka ke sar ko poochho, madam! how do you do
Film : Satte Pe Satta
P-Stats : Gulshan Bawra/ RD/ Asha, Hema & Chorus

.... How do you do? .... I like you.. .... I love you etc. But I hate you for choosing this song :( - K K Ramakrishnan
*** Nice rhyming this, but we know that we all love this number and the song was nicely picturised too.

7. Family with a difference. 4 terrorists living together after leaving their families behind. They remember their sweethearts with this song, which marks the beginning of the movie. They are not happy with the current situation as they recall their past with fond memories. This matchbox movie made a big fire both with the critics and at the B.O.
* Trivia : MD's Debut film

Song : ChhoD. aaye ham wo galiyaaN
Film : Maachis
P-Stats : Gulzar/ Vishal/ Suresh Wadkar, Hariharan, Kay Kay, Vinod Sehgal

...I wont be surprised if many guess "Chappa Chappa Charkha". But I dont think thats right since its not in the beginning of the movie. - Mahadevan Sivaramakrishnan
*** Besides, the mood of the song was of dispair rather than enjoyment, unlike that in the Chappa Chappa Song. Thanks, Mahadevan. You did it for us. :)

8. This movie depicted start of a series of Lost & Found movies by the King of the formula. This song is picturised on three brothers who are courting their fiances. The pairs are not together but are singing the song at the same time and all doing it in their own style. One is on Tonga, one on a train and the other is in a jeep. A fairly fun kind of song this.
* Trivia : The only song where the stalwarts Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore & Lata got together.

Song : Dekh ke tumko dil Dola hai, God promise ham sach bola hai / hamko tumse ho gaya hai pyaar kya kareN
Film : Amar Akbar Anthony
P-Stats : Anand Bakshi/ Laxmi-Pyare/ Lata, Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore

...BTW, have I told you that this is the movie which i have seen most number of times. - Arunabha & Amol

*** Ram Qasam, Khuda Gawah, God Promise. A song with a handful of Gods!!

9. Sanjeev Kumar & Jaya Bhaduri. What a team it was! They have played many unforgettable roles together. Here they have played father and daughter. In this flashback song, Sanjeev Kumar, a widower, teaches music to Jaya. Both of them are remembering Sanjeev's late wife thru this song. Sanjeev is unable to complete the song due to illness and Jaya-his daughter takes over. * Trivia : The movie was a remake of an Oscar-winner English Musical.

Song : Beetii na bitaaii raina, biraha kii jaaii raina
Film : Parichay
P-Stats : Gulzar/ RD/ Bhupender, Lata

*** This one is one such which is both our favourite and popular. Hurrah!

...Bhupinder is made to stop singing in this song. I would want to hate RDB for this. - Sanjeev Kumar this sound of music remake..?? Parichay - Samir and Ruchi and Indy
*** yup!

10. Literally, a bathroom song. The father-son duo singing while taking a bath. This light song which turns into Qawwali has since become the bathroom-song for many of us. The wife also joins the song when the males of the family start teasing her.
* P-Stats : Mahendra Kapoor

Song : ThanDe ThanDe paani se nahaana chaahiye
Film : Pati, Patni aur Woh
P-Stats : Anand Bakhshi / Ravi / Mahendra Kapoor, Asha

...gaana aaye ya na aaye gaana chahiye ( agar nahi aata to akele mein.. please !! ) - Pritam Dutta

The best line of this song is sung by the kid 'mummy ko to ladne ka bahana chahiye' - Neha K. Desai & Vandana Vidwans

BR Chopra's excessive use of MKaps is probably the worst example of nepotism in Hindi films. (Shantaram's use of his wives and daughter comes close). - Kalyan

To give credit(??) to Shantaram, I really don't believe that he even paid his wives or daughter. So, I do object to the "nepotism" charge. :) Now, I've no idea whether MKaps was paid by BRC or not.... - IA Khan

11. Our heroine is coming back to her parents with her husband and son. During their way they sing this song alongwith the passers by. And at home, the parents show their ecstasy in anticiation of meeting with their daughter with this song by dancing. A speechless song. This typical Goan song is from a recent 'musical' which failed at the Box-office.
* Trivia : Director's Debut movie

Song : Huiya huiya huiya huiya huiya huiiya huiya huiya ho!!
Film : Khamoshi - The Musical
P-Stats : Majrooh/ Jatin-Lalit/ Remo, Shweta Shetty, Chorus

...Ho huyya ho , jaane jaane jaane jaane do Huyya huyya huyya huyya huyya huyya ho [pardon us if we’ve the count wrong, but it is confusing, to say the least !] - Shyamali and Jaydip
*** yes! you got two huyyas missed. So -2 points :)

12. This one's from another lost & found saga. Two brothers singing this road-side song in the middle of the night. Big Brother is drunk and the tingu bhai is pleading him to come home. After a lot of haath-joDi and pair-paDi the big one agrees to accompany him.
* P-Stats : Rafi, Amitabh

Song : Chal chal mere bhaai tere haath joD.ta hooN
Film : Naseeb
P-Stats : Anand Bakshi/ Laxmi-Pyare/ Rafi, Amitabh

13. A joint family is supposed to be a better structure in India. Films during 60s & 70s esp. South Indian banners highlighted this theme. But This film depicted problems of a joint family in a light manner. The newly married couple doesn't find a single room for their private moments in a small chawl-like house in Bombay. This background song shows the disappointment of the hero after being unable to meet her wife as she is sleeping in the kitchen. He even goes to the kitchen to drink some water (no, he is not thirsty) but to no avail.
* P-Stats : Kishore

Song : Ye jeevan hai
Film : Piya Ka Ghar
P-Stats : Anand Bakshi/ Laxmi-Pyare/ Kishore

14. The whole family is singing and dancing to this Hindi version of Boney M's Holiday. Have you seen Leela Mishra in a frock? Here you do. And to top it all she sings and dances. This soft classic has had our feet tapping on many party occasions. With Basu da's typical picturisation you cannot help but humming the song.
* P-Stats : Lata, Amit, Rajesh Roshan.

Song : uThe sabke qadam, dekho ram-pam-pam
Film : Baaton Baaton Mein
P-Stats : Amit Khanna/ Rajesh Roshan/ Lata, Amit Kumar, Pearl Padamsee

*** This was another one where some of the participants goofed up and had the film as Chhoti Chhoti BaateiN. Actually we also made a mistake in the first post writing Kishore instead of Amit K. But that's the way it is. Chhoti Chhoti BaateiN :)

15. A rickshawala finds a child near a temple and brings him home. The whole 'gali' is decorated and the complete mohalla gathers to welcome the new child. Also arrive the people who arrive with every new arrival taking place. And everybody sings together. A song with a story. The rickshawala recites the story of finding the child and the reasons why he was not able to get rid of the child. An emotional recitation by no less than a comedian (incidentally the hero in this film).
* Trivia : Another Real family featured in this song as the movie had real father-son combination.

Song : Saj rahii galii merii maaN sunahri goTe meiN
Film : Kunwara Baap
P-Stats : Majrooh/ Rajesh Roshan/ Rafi, Mehmood & Chorus

*** Last minute inclusion. Still it was a favourite among the participants. Most of them had it right.

...Not only Mehmood and his dad Mumtaz Ali were in it, but Mehmood's son Moki (sp?) as well - thus making KB one of the few films to have a three-generation cast, apart from "Awara" (with Raj, Prithviraj and Prithviraj's dad), "Kal, Aaj Aur Kal" (with Prithviraj, Raj and Randhir Kapoor), and "36 Chowringee Lane" (Geoffrey Kendall, Jennifer and Sanjana Kapoor). - Chandrashekhar

...Rajesh Roshan's debut. Apparently Mehmood met him at Roshan's funeral and offered him the movie to help him out. - Kalyan

16. This song is in the praise of our Mother Land. Ajeet and Pradeep Kumar-two of the several sanyasis who are up for a war recite this song. The movie is based on a literary classic from Bengal. The song eventually was a lifeline for our struggle for Independence. A revered song by all Indians.
* Hint : Guess what AR Rahman has common with it?

Song : Vande Maataram
Film : Anand Math
P-Stats : Bankim Chandra/ Hemant Kumar/ Hemant Kumar, Lata

...I fail to see how this song fits with the theme of the quiz? - Surajit A. Bose
*** The song is in praise of mother, here in the form of the land. What better or broader implication a word like family can has than this. Besides, the sanyaasis in the movie live together as a family. You didn't check the introduction of the quiz. First things first :)

17. A husband-wife reunification song. The movie has a strong resemblance with a real life story of the same pair. The heroine leaves his husband's house after finding it difficult to live with him who is jealous of her success as a singer. She stops singing as well. This song is a stage performance bringing the couple together at the climax with the heroine getting back to singing.
* Trivia : Our hero-heroine form a real life couple.

Song : tere mere milan kii ye raina
Film : Abhimaan
P-Stats : Majrooh/ S.D. Burman/ Kishore, Lata

*** This song from SDB's later works had a distinct family atmosphere surrounded with it. With Amitabh and Jaya re-living the relationship this was a perfect fit for our quiz.

...Gimme a break! It has no resemblance to their real life story except that they are married and she stopped working after marriage. But, for that there is no resemblance. - Sanjeev Kumar
*** Hrishikesh da, in a recent interview, said that. By the book, still :)

18. Now to more recent times. The biggest grosser of all time in Indian cinema, this movie had a plenty of family songs. We have selected one that's a little naughty by nature. A Qawwali kind of number between old classmates who are now turning samdhi-samdhan. They are accompanied by the members of both the familes with hero-heroine getting sidelined. * P-Stats : Ram Laxman

Song : aaj hamaare dil meiN ajab sii uljhan hai
Film : Hum Aapke Hain Kaun ..!
P-Stats : Dev Kohli/ Ram Laxman/ Sanu, Lata

...I guess the "biggest grosser of all time in Indian cinema" is Raja Hindusthani. This might he a perfect "foot in the mouth" statements. - Sanjeev Kumar
*** No! it's HAHK..! AFA we know.

19. Another recent hit, this movie was based on a real encounter between two countries. In the song, the soldiers remember their families as they get messages from their beloved ones. The song emphasises the need to be at home where their families are waiting for them and asking them "ki kab aaoge?". * P-Stats : Javed Akhtar

Song : Sandeshe aate haiN
Film : Border
P-Stats : Javed Akhtar/ Anu Malik/ Sonu Nigam, Roop Kumar Rathore, Chorus

*** The easiest. Nobody got that wrong (we would have loved that :).

20. This song is from a light comedy by Hrishi da. The whole family is administered by the grand lady of the house played by Deena Pathak. Every one in the family is fed up with the rules and regulations led by the lady who dictates the house. One day everyone gathers on the roof of the house, when she is not in the house, to enjoy and thus the song emerges. They perform a stage-show and the performers show their eagerness to break all the rules. And the rest of them cannot agree more. This all fun stuff continues till the lady suddenly arrives at the scene. A comical situation with typical funny lyrics by whoelse than Gulzar.
* P-Stats : RDB

Song : saare niyam toD. do, niyam pe chalna chhoD. do
Film : Khoobsurat
P-Stats : Gulzar/ RD/ Asha & Chorus

21. This Manmohan Desai movie is a little different from his other usual stuff. It has a different hero, lyricist and music director than he generally worked with. This party song featured the father and the son expressing a bond which is causing an attraction between them. Sung by Kishore and Sushma Shrestha (Now's Purnima) this song was featured twice in the movie. Once between hero-heroine and next this one. * P-Stats : Kishore/Sahir

Song : tera mujhse hai pahle ka naata koi
Film : Aa Gale Lag Ja
P-Stats : Sahir/ RD/ Kishore, Sushma Shreshtha

*** Sahir-RD combo gave some excellent stuff. Still we have very few scores by them together. Alas!

..."Tera mujhse hai pehele ka naata koi", from "Aa Gale Lag Ja" - the song is 'freely adapted' from "Yellow Rose of Texas" - Chandrashekhar

...The inclusion of this one song, made the whole quiz and participation in it worthwhile for me. Wish more such gems were included in quizzes. - Ketan

22. This beautiful number is from an equally beautiful movie that had some great lyrical & musical stuff. This Yash Chopra movie revolved around complex relationship (so what's new!) between the characters. Here in this song the mother welcomes a little angel in her house which eventually is her daughter. The trauma which both the mother-daughter goes thru is that they can't reveal their relationship to the family as this daughter is from a pre-marital relationship of the mother.
* P-Stats : Sahir

Song : mere ghar aayii ek nanhii parii
Film : Kabhie Kabhi
P-Stats : Sahir/ Khayyam/ Lata

...Waheeda sings for daughter Naseem - and where is Naseem now ? - Chandrashekhar
*** The song is sung for Nitu Singh and not Naseem.

...Once again Amitabh !! This quiz is a real treat. - Sandeep Jindal

23. A poor fellow with a hat (no, not Raj Kapoor), gets some magical powers (no, not Mr. X in Bombay), lives with some naughty orphan kids in his house (no, not Brahmchari) and plays violin occasionaly. The lack of resources leads him and his kids to starveness one day. Using this song he is trying to teach the children the philosophy of life. That there is victory only after defeat. * Hint : The poor fellow (Hero) was almost missing from the movie.

Song : ZiNdagii kii yahii riit hai, haar ke baad hii jiit hai
Film : Mr. India
P-Stats : Javed Akhtar/ Laxmi-Pyare/ Kishore

24. Two Fathers Two Sons, How many ? Four? No. Three? No. Just a single Mehmood will do. The song is in the form of a funny court case between the youngest Mehmood and his wife. 'Dadaji' Mehmood is the Judge and the 'Pitaji' Mehmood favours his bahoo. Mehmood had succesfully enacted three generations of Kapoor Khandaan (Prithvi Raj, Raj and Randheer Kapoor) in this song. * P-Stats : Kishore, Mukesh, Mehmood

Song : Ye kaisa aaya zamaana, ye kaisa
Film : Hamjoli
P-Stats : Anand Bakhshi/ Laxmi-Pyare/ Mukesh, Kishore, Mehmood

...Give this one a wild card for three-generation list. - Chandrashekhar

...Internet da jawaab nahin!! This I could get only because of the resources in the net. - Sanjeev Kumar

...the mukhda refuses to come to mind. - Sunil Bhatia & Vijay Kumar

25. Our final song of the quiz features a real family of four brothers dedicated to devotional music. The song is a bhajan and is picturised as a stage show performance by the quad who are playing themselves in the movie. The heroine played by Shabana Azmi is also in the audience.

Song : Jaise sooraj kii garmii se jalte hue tan ko mil jaaye taruvar kii chhaya Aisa hii sukh mere man ko mila hai maiN jab se sharaN. terii aaya, mere raam
Film : Parinay
P-Stats : Pt. R. Sharma(?) / Jaidev/ Sharma Bandhu

...You've certainly saved the best for last! beautiful by virtue of simplicity & repetitiveness. - Chandrashekhar

..sooraj ki garmi se jalte huye tan ko mil jaaye taruvar ki chhaya... Film : PED AUR SOORAJ ( just Kidding !!!! ;-)) - Pritam Datta

...Easily the best song of the quiz. - Neha Desai & Vandana Vidwans

And the Chitrahaar Trophy goes to..

All Correct Entries getting the maximum possible marks (50) :

* Chandrashekhar from Dubai
* Sanjeev Kumar from Whippany, New Jersy, USA
* Divya Saxena, Rahul Chaman, Sweta Chaman Saxena from Seattle, WA
* Neha K. Desai & Vandana Vidwans (although you jumbled up the serial nos.of songs 6 & 7 :) from New Jersey, USA

Runners up (49 marks) :

* Shalini Singh, Sarita Lall from Sydney, Australia

And the second runners up (48 marks) are.. :

* Kolachala Kalyan & Ikram Ahmed Khan
* Vijay Kumar & Sunil Bhatia


Congrats to the winners. And to all the participants who sent their entries. Winning or loosing. Or is there anything to lose? The essence of the quiz is to have fun (even while you have to use your head :). And it was fun doing the quiz with the message getting across - SAARA JAHAAN HAMAARA. See you at RMIM & RAMLI...

- Pavan & Vinay

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